About The Founders

Hello, I am Kyle Gorman and this is my sweet woman, Mindy Jane with our new baby boy, Oliver. Together we have established Peoria’s newest, funniest and most authentic Pizzeria. A strange pusuit from our previous careers; I an Active Duty soldier and her a renound local make-up artist, we noticed our careers didn’t fulfill the satisfactions we both knew we were yearning for. How do we reconcile this desire? How will we add to the value of our lives but serve in the capacity in which we desire, completely?

We could agree on three things; 1. We must develop a network focusing on the main source of strength, family. 2. We must to wake up every morning and not work another day in our lives. “Fun” 3. Lastly, we HAVE to have pizza every day!

Our solution, we re-open the same Pizzeria that hosted our first date. We resurrect the building that facilitated our terrible singing, dancing and rambunctious need to roam.  Since then, we have opened Cheese Nuts Brick Oven Pizzeria in Junction City at Knoxville & Prospect.  There are also owners running the Cheese Nuts Brick Oven Pizzeria in Northwoods Mall in Peoria.

The product of those ideas lead to the establishment of “Cheese Nuts Brick Oven Pizzeria.” We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary, as we have opened on December 05, 2016. On the date of our 2nd Anniversary!

Thanks a million,

Cheese Nuts Brickoven Pizzeria
Owner: Kyle Gorman
222 Meadow Ave
East Peoria, IL 61554
C: (309)472-5263
E: Cheesenutspizzeria@gmail.com